Attractions and Activities

Excursions in nature, shopping, culture, entertainment, trade fairs and business: surrounded by greenery and tranquility, our Residenza Aurora B&B is in a strategic position for organizing many activities that will make your stay more dynamic and pleasant.

Il CENTRO di Arese

This is one of the largest shopping malls in Europe, with over 200 shops, 35 restaurants, a diagnostic center, fitness center, and several play areas. Designed by internationally renowned architect Michele Lucchi, “Il Centro” has a unique structure inspired by ancient Lombard courtyards with large, bright, open spaces that bring to mind leisurely strolls on the sidewalks of a historic town center. It is a must-see destination of shopping fans in Northern Italy!


CityLife Milano

The modern heart of Milan and one of the major urban transformation projects underway in Europe, CityLife is a residential and commercial center born in 2015 in an area previously occupied by the old Trade Fair complex in the city. The unique neighborhood has a breathtaking skyline with skyscrapers designed by great names of modern architecture. It is home to a large public park, permanent installations of modern art, and a Shopping District that will make the heads of fashion and design lovers spin. It is perfect for shopping, but also for enjoying a few hours of leisure in its restaurants, bars and cinemas.


Parabiago Shoes District

If shoes are your passion, this will be a must on your stay. Known as the “City of Footwear”, Parabiago, just 20 km from Milan, is the main footwear manufacturing center in Northern Italy and is known all over the world. You will find many outlets, shoe factories, and ateliers where you can buy shoes of the world’s most famous brands like Manolo Blahnik, Fratelli Rossetti, Vittorio Valsecchi, Arktè Collection, Calzaturificio Morlacchi and many more.


Alfa Romeo Historical Museum

For car and motor enthusiasts, the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese is a unique opportunity for learning about the history of a legendary brand that has made entire generations dream. The museum houses an exhibition space where you can admire the most representative cars in the historic Alfa Romeo collection. Multimedia spaces, 360° virtual reality video stations, and a cinema room with interactive seats will let you travel back in time and relive the great triumphs of Alfa history.


Villa Litta of Lainate

Built in 1585 by Count Pirro I Visconti Borromeo, this villa enchants visitors for the beauty of the interior, with mosaics and frescoes, as well as for the splendor of its garden, which includes an extraordinary variety of plants and trees, among which are hidden statues, fountains and greenhouses. In the garden of the villa it is possible to admire the wonder of the Palazzo delle Acque, known as Ninfeo, where fountains and water games that are still working today, create unique and suggestive effects. Just a ten-minute drive away, Villa Litta Borromeo is a must-see for art lovers and beyond, a magical and unforgettable experience.

Culture Excusions

Visconti Castle of Legnano

Just a few minutes away by car, the Castle of Legnano is an ancient military fortification from the Middle Ages that dates back to the 13th century and stands on a natural islet on the Olona River. It is also known as the San Giorgio Castle, as it was originally the seat of an ancient convent of Augustinian monks devoted to the saint.
In addition to visiting the castle, we recommend that you absolutely do not miss the adjacent park, one of the first examples of an urban forest where a system of streams, lakes and marshes was created and is home to numerous species of fish and aquatic birds.

Culture Excusions

Palio of Legnano

On the last Sunday in May in Legnano the traditional Palio festival takes place that commemorates the homonymous battle of May 29, 1176, in which the allied municipalities in the Lombard League defeated the imperial army of Frederick I, known as Barbarossa. In the afternoon, more than a thousand extras in medieval costumes with clothes, shields and weapons faithfully reproducing the attire and objects of the time parade through the streets of the city. The celebrations end with an equestrian event involving the eight historic districts of the city that challenge one another in a bareback race on a track built inside the municipal stadium.


Villoresi Canal

For people on the go who enjoy outdoor activities, the Villoresi Canal is ideal for a trip out of town. Built at the end of the 19th century to irrigate the fields, this historic canal crosses the Lombardy countryside for 86 km before flowing into the Adda River.
The adjacent trail is easy and flat, passable with any type of bicycle and also suitable for excursions with children. A ride in nature will let you discover the beauties of the area, traveling through cultivated fields, parks and woods and with various short detours that can be taken for a brief stop in one of the many towns crossed by the canal.